Quý Bà Hàng Thịt - Miss Butcher (2016)

Tên phim
Quý Bà Hàng Thịt
Tiếng anh
Miss Butcher
Đạo diễn
Quốc gia
Chất lượng
Phát hành

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Quý Bà Hàng Thịt, Miss Butcher Soon-Ae (Seo-Young) opens a butcher';s shop. The butcher';s shop is popular due to its flavorful meat. Most of the store';s customers are male. Meanwhile, man’s body is found at a hotel near the butcher';s shop. The man was brutally murdered. Soon, more murders are found with similarities to the first murder. One day, Detective Kim (Kim Min-Jun) stops by the butcher';s shop and meets Soon-Ae. Since then, Detective Kim keeps a watch on Soon-Ae.

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